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What time are we upon?

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This is a stamping community where you can discover which time period you seem to embody. All you have to do is fill out the application, post it in this community, and wait for the other members to vote on you. Then you will be given a stamp of your era.

The time periods listed on these stamps may sometimes overlap. The dates may not be exact, but they were taken from Wikipedia.com, so any qualms you have about any of them can be taken up with them.


1. You have to join to post.

2. Please put your application behind an LJ-cut. If you are unfamiliar with this, please consult the Livejournal FAQ for instructions.

3. You may vote on other applications before you are stamped. In fact, it is encouraged.

4. Once you are stamped, please remain active in the community by voting on new applicants and promoting the community if you can.

5. Don't be a jerk. Just be respectful of other members.

6. Please bold your votes when voting on an application. This just makes it easier for the mods to count the votes when stamping.

7. Pick one or possibly two eras which the applicant seems to embody in your mind.

8. Promotions are allowed, but only if they are in some way relevant to this community. That having been said, advertise sensibly.

9. Please include the phrase 'What time are we upon?' in the subject line of your application so that we know you've read the rules.

10. If you have already been stamped and would like to apply again in hopes of receiving a different stamp, please include new photos. You may only re-apply once.


1. Name:
2. Age (must be at least 13):
3. Location:
4. Heritage:
5. Hobbies/Interests:
6. Five Positive Adjectives Which Describe You:
7. Five Negative Adjectives Which Describe You:
8. Place You'd Most Like To Visit:
9. Your Dream Job:
10. Favourite Books:
11. Favourite Movies:
12. Post Some Song Lyrics to Which You Can Relate:
13. Tell Us Something Interesting or Random About Yourself:
14. Please Include At Least Two Clear Photos of Yourself:

Stamps List

Ancient Egyptian Era1|2
Ancient Greek Era
Ancient Roman Era
Viking Age
Medieval Era1|2
Renaissance Era
The 18th Century
Victorian Era
Edwardian Era
Jazz Age
World War Two Era
1950s Era
Hippie Era
Disco Era
Futuristic Era

katherowen, mistress_josie, siz_t, xwitchxhuntx & annie_maffi.

Stamped Members

__twasbrillig ~ 1950s Era
_deceptionx ~ Disco Era
_mafiosa_ ~ Edwardian Era
_midnightlights ~ Victorian Era
_dothefandango ~ MTV Era
_katiekins ~ Hippie Era

aerodude07 ~ MTV Era
amethyst_fluff ~ Greek Era, Victorian Era
anarielraet ~ Viking Age
archfaith ~ MTV Era
aurora_dreaming ~ Renaissance Era
auroraborealisx ~ Renaissance Era
atalantapendrag ~ MTV Era
archipirata ~ Renaissance Era
axelia ~ WW2 Era

bagelboy13 ~ Jazz Age
beckalex ~ Edwardian Era
blueporcelina ~ Hippie Era
britishness ~ Victorian Era
burned_rose ~ Egyptian Era
bohemiantragedy ~ Jazz Age
black_orchid77 ~ WW2 Era

intrastellar ~ Futuristic Era
cinderellahips ~ Jazz Age
cinemafan ~ WWII Era
sweetthumbelina ~ Jazz Age
curetpillargirl ~ Jazz Age
crazyaphrodite ~ Victorian
angerfish ~ Victorian Era
cearea_corso ~ Victorian Era
colorwhirl ~ Jazz Age
cure_me_kill_me ~ Medieval Era

dry_your_eyes91 ~ Medieval Era
dana_fields ~ Victorian Era

ethereal_escape ~ Ancient Greek
eyesofamber ~ Victorian Era

honest_illusion ~ Renaissance
flirtatiouspris ~ Hippie Era
foxylady05 ~ Edwardian Era
fleur_divine ~ Jazz Age

goblin_queen13 ~ Viking Age
gwenxsmurfette ~ Jazz Age
goldengrl324 ~ MTV Era
glamorneverdies ~ Jazz Age
genericxemotion ~ MTV Era

heinekengirl23 ~ MTV Era
hellb ~ Ancient Greek Era
hamtaro1230 ~ Ancient Greek Era

ispeaknerd ~ MTV Era

jade_iris ~ Jazz Age
juli13 ~ Edwardian
jerseykat ~ WW2 Era

katherowen ~ Medieval Era
katysioux ~ Renaissance Era
kitty_onigiri ~ MTV Era

lady_jane_grey_ ~ Victorian
lady_katharine ~ Viking Age
likeaprayerx3 ~ 1950s Era
siz_t ~ Renaissance Era
lumoslight ~ Medieval Era
lilyremy ~ Victorian Era
eleganceofmind ~ Victorian Era
lusciousnessx3 ~ Jazz Age
loveskiki ~ MTV Era

avis_noctis ~ Medieval Era
meaghan1345 ~ Greek Era
meteorashes ~ Medieval
midnightsphinx ~ Medieval Era, Victorian Era
mistress_josie ~ Renaissance
mistress_yuna ~ Victorian Era
misato_kou ~ Edwardian Era
mushroompath ~ Hippie Era
monkey_pants ~ Jazz Age


nether_n_bliss ~ Victorian Era

oneminutelater ~ 1950s Era
obsetress ~ Edwardian Era

parisianpierrot ~ Jazz Age
phantomchickie ~ Victorian Era, MTV Era
pink_lyndsy ~ WWII Era, 1950s Era
punkrockparody ~ Viking Age
pretendimflying ~ Jazz Age
pipermae ~ MTV Era


regencygirl ~ Victorian Era
retrovertigo_x ~ Hippie Era
ricashaye ~ Jazz Age
roguebelle ~ Renaissance Era
rosaelena258 ~ Greek Era, Disco Era
roseandmask ~ Edwardian Era

schizophrenic0 ~ Renaissance Era
sensation_rag ~ WWII Era
shining_stars_ ~ Victorian Era
sir_fenton ~ MTV Era
skyfalls ~ Ancient Egyptian Era
smugglers_prize ~ Roman Era
spoonsrus ~ Disco Era
summer_rose ~ Jazz Age
sweetjems1391 ~ MTV Era
nikkibyun ~ Edwardian Era
stagexbeauty ~ Renaissance

tabular_rasa ~ Renaissance Era, Hippie Era
thatgirlsoph ~ Renaissance Era
themurcurytree ~ Renaissance Era, MTV Era
tomrwsantherday ~ Victorian Era
trashflavoured ~ MTV Era
tsuno ~ Edwardian Era
the_moviestar ~ MTV Era
thepoetophelia ~ Hippie Era

undine_lover ~ Victorian Era
unmodified ~ Jazz Age

vintagepearls ~ Jazz Age
vivid_lucidity ~ Medieval Era

wolfsbane124 ~ Medieval Era

xwitchxhuntx ~ 1950s Era

yaresarah ~ WWII Era

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