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What time are we upon?
by Lau (mist_and_foam)
at November 25th, 2009 (03:38 pm)


1. Name: Lauren aka Lo
2. Age (must be at least 13): 19
3. Location: FL
4. Heritage: I have no clue, but if I were to guess, Welsh
5. Hobbies/Interests: Music, knitting, reading ,singing
6. Five Positive Adjectives Which Describe You: Determined, intelligent, introverted, optimistic, driven
7. Five Negative Adjectives Which Describe You: Cynical, trust issues, stubborn, sarcastic, foul mouthed at times
8. Place You'd Most Like To Visit: NYC, Seattle, Wales
9. Your Dream Job: Actuary, Ariel at Disney, Broadway star
10. Favourite Books: Vampire books and historical fiction
11. Favourite Movies: Animated films, and historical fiction
12. Post Some Song Lyrics to Which You Can Relate:

If love should count you worthy,
and should deign one day
to seek your door, and be your guest,
Pause! ere you draw the bolt and bid him rest,
if in your old content you would remain.
For not alone he enters: in his train
are angels of the mists,
the lonely quest,
dreams of the unfulfilled
and unpossessed,
and sorrow,
and life's immemorial pain.
He wakes desires you never will forget;
He shows you stars you never saw before;
He makes you share with him forevermore
the burden of the world's divine regret.
How wise you were to open not!
and yet, how poor if you should turn him from your door.

13. Tell Us Something Interesting or Random About Yourself: Cannot think of anything
14. Please Include At Least Two Clear Photos of Yourself:

If love should count you worthy


Posted by: Casting Crowns Fan!!!!! (salveevery1)
Posted at: March 16th, 2010 10:54 pm (UTC)

maybe theDisco Era ;)

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