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★☆シンディ☆★ [userpic]
What time are we upon?
by ★☆シンディ☆★ (nyappy_spook)
at May 4th, 2009 (08:37 pm)

I've noticed that this community has gone a bit inactive so I shall try to breathe life back into it.

1. Name: Cynthia Laura. I normally go by Cyndi and occasionally Thia. Rather ordinary nicknames.

2. Age: I am seventeen years of age.

3. Location: I currently reside in New York.

4. Heritage: I am mainly Scottish, Dutch, Irish, Polish, and English. I've been told that I am also French, German, Welsh and Czech/Bolivian, but they seem to be thinned out in my blood compared to the others.

5. Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy reading, art and music. I am an avid artist. I draw my inspirations from Victorian and Edwardian times. (I'm not throwing that bit in there for the sake of this application, I write this tidbit on everything I fill out.) I adore Walt Disney, and everything related to his company. Walt Disney World might as well be called my second home.

6. Five Positive Adjectives Which Describe You: Mellow, polite, loyal, patient and determined.

7. Five Negative Adjectives Which Describe You: Lazy, emotional, quiet, timorous and stubborn.

8. Place You'd Most Like To Visit: I have many locations that I desire to visit however I believe the United Kingdom takes the crown for this one.

9. Your Dream Job: Honestly, my dream job doesn't have an office. I would rather not be bound down to a job because I would find it rather boring and I have a great desire to go see the world. I would love to be an artist, but it's very hard to make it in the world as an artist which is rather disappointing. Besides being an artist, I could see myself becoming a cook, a fashion/interior designer, a teacher or a nurse.

10. Favourite Books: Ah, so many choices. I really enjoy reading.. A few of my favourites are Gone With the Wind, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Dracula, Little Women, the Notebook, How I Live Now, the Secret Garden, the Little Princess and the Harry Potter series. I also love to read about celtic folklore.

11. Favourite Movies: Sweeney Todd ( Tim Burton's version), Becoming Jane, Penelope, any Disney film, Atonement, any Tim Burton film, Fight Club, Pride and Prejudice, the Notebook, Jeux d'enfants, 200 Pounds Beauty, Last King of Scotland and so many more.

12. Post Some Song Lyrics to Which You Can Relate: Hmm this is a bit difficult..

You broke down my walls
You burnt all my bridges
You played with my mind
You reopened our stitches
You have blood on your hands
There's blood in your kisses"

13. Tell Us Something Interesting or Random About Yourself:
I fancy boys with long hair. I don't know why it is, but I always have.
I got inducted into the National Art Honour Society quite recently. I'm too painfully shy to go to the meetings though.
My two of current goals are to visit London, and have a go at horseback riding.
My idol is Helena Bonham Carter.
I would love to be an actress for period films, because of the costuming.
My biggest crushes are on Johnny Depp, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jamie Campbell Bower, James McAvoy and Orlando Bloom.. There a few more that I didn't mention though..
I want to learn French.
I hate sport and maths.

14. Please Include At Least Two Clear Photos of Yourself:


Posted by: Casting Crowns Fan!!!!! (salveevery1)
Posted at: March 16th, 2010 10:59 pm (UTC)

Victorian Age :)

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