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Koh Kamigawa [userpic]
What time are we upon?
by Koh Kamigawa (koh_kamigawa)
at January 10th, 2009 (06:10 pm)

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1. Name: Koh
2. Age (must be at least 13): 19
3. Location: US, Illinois
4. Heritage: German/Italian
5. Hobbies/Interests: (below)
Hobbies: Writing/Literacy/Reading, Gaming, Drawing.
Interests: Music, Anime, Manga, Videogames, Yaoi/Shounen Ai, Antiques/Fancy things, 1800's, Victorian/Edwardian era.
(I always write the eras in my survey interests, so I'm not just using them for this survey. They fascinate me that much. Probably the most of all things..)
6. Five Positive Adjectives Which Describe You: Loyal, Entertaining, Lovable, Eccentric.
7. Five Negative Adjectives Which Describe You: Paranoid, Naive, Easily Frightened, Foolish.
8. Place You'd Most Like To Visit: Most places in Europe. Most likely England, or France, and Italy.
9. Your Dream Job: A maestro/conductor or a butler. (I'm not joking! XD I've written this in other stamping comms. before.)
10. Favourite Books: No single book in particular, but the only ones that ever hold my attention are either poetry or old english literature. Plays, poetry, history, ect. I can usually find them in the library. And manga/comic books and magazines too, but those I don't consider actual books.
11. Favourite Movies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2006), Around the world in 80 days (2004).
There is more but I forget..
12. Post Some Song Lyrics to Which You Can Relate: Sorry I don't know of any I relate to. I mostly listen to j-rock/pop (Japanese), instrumentals and classical.
13. Tell Us Something Interesting or Random About Yourself: I think my application is already interesting enough as is.. but I'll throw some random facts, some pertaining to my eras of interest.
I'm bi, and that's just random..
I adore tail coats and the way they look when blowing in the wind behind you. As well as other fancy clothes that you hardly see these days, and I would wear them in public.
My favorite fashions are Ouji-sama (prince style) and Kodona (adult child) which are male versions of the Japanese style Gothic Lolita, and are based off of victorian style.
14. Please Include At Least Two Clear Photos of Yourself:


Posted by: Rhylee Tsubaki (tsubakihime)
Posted at: January 13th, 2009 05:50 am (UTC)
floral maiden

1800s or Victorian era seems to suit this app the best.

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